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Bayou Classic 18" Dual Jet Cooker

Bayou Classic 18" Dual Jet Cooker

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Cook your food in half the time with this Bayou Classic Double Jet Outdoor Cooker. Equipped with two burner jets instead of the typical one, this cooker allows you to boil your shrimp and steam your vegetables twice as fast as other outdoor stoves. And, because its eighteen-inch cooking surface can accommodate stockpots with a capacity as large as 162 quarts, this cooker can help you feed a crowd of almost any size. Whether you're looking to heat up a pot of coffee or trying to satisfy a group of hungry friends, you won't find a better tool than this Double Jet Cooker.


  • Bayou Classic Double Jet Outdoor Cooker
  • 11.5" Welded steel frame with 18" cooking surface
  • Safety support large cooking pots up to 162-qt.
  • Heats up large boiling pots twice as fast
  • 48" LPG Stainless Braided Hose
  • 20 PSI Preset Regulator with Brass Control Valve
  • Uses convenient propane
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