Waring WVS50 Pistol Style Vacuum Sealer System with Rechargeable Battery

For a convenient alternative to traditional vacuum packaging machines, look no further than this Waring WVS50 pistol style vacuum sealer. Whether you want to reduce food waste, eliminate freezer burn, or begin sous vide cooking, this unique vacuum sealer is an excellent choice! It features a "pistol style" design that...

Unique Pistol Design

The sealer's pistol design features an ergonomic handle with a responsive trigger that makes operation a breeze! Given its small size and convenient portability compared to traditional vacuum sealers, this pistol allows you to more comfortably seal product in tight prep areas.

Secure Closure

The included zip tool securely closes storage bags and can be conveniently stored in the charger base when not in use.

High-Performance Nozzle

The pistol's high-performance nozzle is placed over the red valve on compatible bags so you can quickly and gently remove air from the bag.

Storage / Charger Base

The heavy-duty storage base does a lot more than just hold the unit's pistol! This multi-functional accessory holds bags for easy access, the zip tool to prevent misplacement, and also doubles as a charging station when the pistol needs a boost. It also features a clear enclosure that helps keep the sealer looking and working great for years to come!

Weight 7.0 lbs.