Chef Master Barbecue Grilling Claws

Make perfectly shredded meats in less time by using these meat shredding / handling claws. Looking for a quick and easy way to shred beef, pork, or chicken? This pair of meat shredding / handling claws is great for restaurants and caterers desiring a new and dependable grilling tool. Shaped...


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Stainless Steel Prongs

Sturdy and strong, these meat shredding claws won't lose their grip. This lets you easily tear through large chunks of meat and to also lift and move them without making direct contact. These claws are perfect for preparing batches of pulled pork, beef, and chicken.

Soft Rubber Grips

Featuring soft rubber grips that rest against your palms, these claws provide maximum comfort even under heavy use. This ergonomic design reduces the strain on your hands so that you can keep on shredding fresh, juicy meats.

Weight 1.2099 lbs.