Parts & Service

Why Choose Richard's?

Fast Service, Clear Communication, and Genuine Care for Our Customers

We understand that in this fast-paced world, getting service quickly is of upmost priority to owners and managers of commercial kitchens. Most are turning to major online equipment retailers to not only provide their equipment but also their service, only to find that they are more of a hassle to deal with than the local supplier! They might not even service what they sell online! 
With Richard's Supply's Parts and Service department, we are different from both the huge online equipment retailer and the local supplier. We are, obviously, a equipment supplier that services everything we sell in both our online store and in our Kitchen Store. We also certified to service an extensive list of brands across the industry. 
In addition to performing our services, we are driven to make sure you have the very best experience every time you work with us. Our technicians are extremely detail-oriented, fully transparent about the service from beginning to end, and provide efficient and effective troubleshooting to identify and fix exactly what was wrong with your equipment. We DON'T provide clouded answers to your problems or questions, but rather, we are crystal clear and direct in our answers thanks to our knowledgeable technicians and staff.
Not only do we stand by our quality parts and effective service, but we stand by you! Our service team always keeps our customers up and running with little to no downtime. Now compare that with the sub-par online warehouses and their slow service! 
Getting service and parts from Richard's Supply directly translates to expert service, personalized care, and 100% effective solutions for your equipment!