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Choose Your Product

Choose cup sizes, spoon types, etc. Styles include black coating on stainless finish or stainless engraving on powder coating.

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Email our laser technician at with a clear .jpeg or .png file, preferably with a transparent background. Or your general idea for your laser project.


With 2-3 weeks lead time, we try to get your products out fast so you are able to enjoy them as soon as possible.

Stainless Steel Tumblers, Coozies, and Cups

Our cups have a minimum order of 24 Cups of Coozies and we can get most brands of Tumblers such as Gatr, RTIC, Lil Boss, etc. 

Email us the type of cup you would like and a 3 x 3 logo or artwork of your choice to and we will give you confirmation if we can engrave or etch the design (Most designs usually work.) We will also send back a quote of the items. 

We have a standard 2-3 week lead time for each order.  

Glass Etching

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Get the most crisp and clean glass etching you can buy with our laser etching. This technique is long lasting and doesn't flake off or deteriorate over time. 

These glass cups will make a great gift for family, friends or coworkers, and it makes an even greater impression on your customers or patrons. Set yourself apart by getting your glass etched by Richard's Supply today! 

Wood, Acrylics, and More!

The nice thing about laser machines is that they have a wide variety of different materials that they can engrave on. We are able to engrave on more than just steel or glass, but also wood, acrylics, and much more beyond that! 

To find out if your items of choice can be engraved, just email us at with what items from our site that your would like an engraving on and the 3 x 3 artwork that you would like to engrave. We will send confirmation if the items can be engraved and will send a quote of the cost of the item, the set-up fee, and the price per logo. 

Let us help you customize that personal or corporate gift today!
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