Marine and Galley

We are the #1 Source for Galley Equipment and Supplies!

Since 1977, we have been supplying the leading marine and offshore fleets with the best quality galley equipment for their vessels or rigs. This part of our site highlights our best selling equipment to the Marine and Oilfield Division, but if you need a certain product to your specifications we can definitely get it for you.
Our primary focus has always been customer satisfaction and excellent customer service no matter what industry we are working in. 
We offer "one stop shopping" to our marine and offshore customers. We have custom marine packages, stainless steel fabrication, galley ventilation, walk in coolers and freezers, warming units, and on and on. 
Our broad base of customers range from the Gulf Coast to the East and West Coasts, along with international clientele. We are in the heart of Louisiana where we have access to most major ports. We are a solution provider and an excellent partner for all of our customer's needs. 
Our vision is be known around the globe as the galley specialists. We create efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and productivity in our kitchens.