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Richard's Supply is your source for sales and information of ice machines here in South Louisiana. We either stock or express order the ice machine that can fit your needs and wants. We don't just sell online, we also service what we sell online. If you are out of our service area, we can still take care of you through our nationwide network of support to reapiar ofr maintain your machine. With service like this, we aren't your normal online retailer. Sales, Service, Support its what we do! 

Home/Mini Bar

These machines are the best for at home bartenders or mixologists, or even for general home use. Also great for mini bars for condos, guest rooms, and vacation homes.

Office/Break Room

These machines are good to use for office or break room environments, where ice use is needed for drinks, medical use, and general food use.


These machines produce enough ice for the outdoorsman to keep the catch or kill cold and fresh to bring back home safely. These machines are also designed to be used in outdoor conditions as well.

Restaurant/Commercial Kitchen

These machines are great for the demands of the restaurant and commercial kitchen industry. This selection of machines are great for bar service and for kitchen use.


These machines produce the type of ice needed to merchandise food for grocery, convenience stores, and markets. This type of ice is also good for transporting seafood without bruising or damaging your catch.

Large Scale Food Service

These machines can meet the rigorous demands of cafeterias, hospitality kitchens, and other large scale food service operations. The production of these machines gives a large amount of ice per working day.

Full Cube

These are best for large-volume applications, like bagging or dispensing ice. They are also ideal for soft drinks and mixed drinks. They have a slow melt rate which can help keep drinks colder longer.

Half Cube

These are best for ice bagging and self-service dispensing, as well as for drinks such as soft drinks, mixed drinks, blended drinks, and frozen cocktails. The way these cubes are designed prevents your drinks from being watered down quickly when the cubes melt.


This ice cube style is GREAT for drinks, probably due to it being the most chewable type of ice cube on this list. Nugget ice is famous for it's ties to a famous drive in chain of restaurants. It also is great for absorbing the flavor of the drink that can make chewing it enjoyable.


This type of ice cube is known for being uniform in the glass and is able to move freely around in the glass to allow little obstruction for the drink to be consumed.


Also known as tophat ice, this ice cube style is more commonly associated with being used with hard liquors such as bourbon or whiskey and high end drinks like an old fashioned due to it not watering down the drink quickly, its crystal clear transparency, and its unique shape. Definitely a show piece for any drink.


This ice is primarily for display applications to present seafood, meats, and produce in market display cases or buffet lines. It is also often used for medical compresses or in blended drinks.

Small Production (0-100lbs/24 hours)

Light Duty (100-250lbs/24 hours)

Medium Duty (250-400lbs/24 hours)

Heavy Duty (400-600lbs/24 hours)

Industrial Duty (600lbs+/24 hours)

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